Attracting More Customers to Your Online Business

When you want to find a number of effective ways of attracting more customers to your online business that you can incorporate into your working strategy, look here first!

So you have just created an awesome new website for your new online business that you have high hopes for success. You grab some top web hosting and upload your site and now it's live in the world wide web.

You sit back and wait for the money to start rolling into your bank account.

And you wait some more...

Where is all the Buying Traffic?

Let's say you just spent thousands of dollars on perfecting your online appearance, have all the right features and functions on your website. Yet despite all the work you put in and the awesome result on your computer monitor, you are not getting any customers.attract more customers

This is a situation a lot of new business owners have experienced. You can compare this situation to someone building a state of the art warehouse in the middle of nowhere, there are not any roads to the warehouse or any signs pointing to it.

So there is no way all the potential costumers will know it's there.

The customers are out there, that's for sure. Let's say you have a great product or service to offer and your market research shows there are high numbers of people that want what you have.

The answer is that there are dots starting with your customers and ending with your website, but there's nothing to connect them.

What can you do to change this?

Making Your Website Visible

A friend one mine was in the exact same situation some time ago. He had just launched a really great ecommerce store selling costumes online with local carnivals and events in mind, but he wasn't getting any traffic to his site.

It was a really nice webstore, based on the latest and best shopping systems. It was user friendly and he had some good prices on his costume products. But he was still barely selling anything.

I then helped him with a few projects using my knowledge and experience and now he is getting several hundred visitors every day.

But what can you do, if you are in this situation?

Well, as the old saying goes, in order to make money, you have to spend money. It's the same if you have a local brick and mortar store. You have to spread the word with offline advertising such as TV or radio spots, ads in the local newspaper etc.

In the online world, you will have to do something similar.

Website Advertising Options

Let's take a quick look at some of the options you have.

Pay per click

One of the easiest way to get started is by take advantage of some of the many pay per click services there are. For instance, there are advertising programs associated with Facebook, Google (Adwords), Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and many others.

Here you can get your ad listed and you only pay when someone clicks on it and are send to your website. Which you should use, depends on the product or service you are selling and who you are selling to.

Banner advertising

Another way of letting people know about your new site, is by paying other websites to put up a banner and link to your site. For instance if you are selling roofing materials, then a good place to get your banner placed, might be do it yourself forums or websites.

The traffic isn't always the best with banners, but it's often a good way of getting people to know your brand or company name.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another way of getting more traffic is by optimizing your website for certain keywords related to your business. Use SEO techniques to help your site rank in the search engines (specifically Google) for the terms that will bring buyers to your website when they search for them.

If you are selling costumes, instead of trying to rank for highly competitive keywords such as ″costumes″ or ″cheap costumes,″ you might want to rank for related long tail keywords with lower competition. Keywords such as ″cheap costumes for carnivals,″ or drill down further to target local carnival types of costumes that people in a specific area will buy.

If there is a lot of competition it might be a long and expensive process, and you might be better of with selecting some other keywords with less traffic instead.

Free Advertising Methods

You can do a lot of free advertising also. Such as joining a forum related to your products and answering questions there. In the signature, you can place a link to your website. Just make sure that you aren't using it just for advertising for your business, but are actually giving the forum something of value.

If you are using your website for promoting affiliate products you can use any of the above methods as well as making videos to drive traffic to your site. In fact, you can even do affiliate marketing without a website if you use video as your means of promotion.

You can even place free classified ads in some sites like Craigslist and the Free Ad Forum that can bring in some traffic. The only downside to these is you need to regularly renew your ads.

Not all paid advertising is equal and some can cost a lot more than others, especially if you are new to the business and are not sure what you are doing. Always stay alert to any online business scams that may try to take your money for services that don't come up to scratch or worse, don't even materialize once your bank account or credit card has been debited.

There are some merits to going the route of free promotion methods, but while they may cost you nothing to use, they often come with a heavy cost in your time and effort. Sometimes you need to sit down and work out the value of your time and if it might actually be more economical to use paid forms of advertising to keep as much of your time free as possible.

Remember, you can always make more money to spend, but once you have used it, you can never get your time back.

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