This is the about page of the www.aitic.org website. Its purpose is to outline what the site is about, introduce its author and state its mission:

The agency's aim is to provide assistance to the less-advantaged countries (LACs) so they are able to benefit from the multilateral trading system and participate more actively in the important work of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as well as other international trade-related organisations. The LACs represent those countries that have traditionally been inactive in the multilateral trading system. These several countries face structural and institutional constraints with regards to international trade. These LACs include 50 of the world's least-developed countries (LDCs) by the United Nations definition, as well as several low- and middle-income developing countries and a number of economies in transition.

The website has been further developed to encompass the online business and work from home ethic to keep in line with current developments in working practices due to a variety of restrictions now being imposed on a large percentage of the workforce, worldwide.

There is now information on how to generate an income by working at home on a computing device connected to the Internet, distilled into a collection of topic focused articles published on this website for general viewing and education.