This is the website of AITIC, the Agency for International Trade Information and Cooperation which has been resurrected from its archives to provide its original function of providing information for businesses worldwide.aitic logo

Welcome to the website. Below is some information about the agency and why the website has been recreated.


When the Agency for International Trade Information and Cooperation (AITIC) was created back in 1998, a great deal was expected of the newly inaugurated entity for promoting an easily accessible resource for businesses and companies worldwide to share non-sensitive trade data to the benefit of all. The Agency website subsequently moved from this domain, leaving a dead end for those who were responsible for the upkeep of the web navigation to this site.

To reconnect this resource and make the information findable once again, this website maintains some of the original content as well as information that will enable those interested to find the Agency's current location and data. To learn more, please look at the Contact page (link at the top of the page) for this website.

Progress Report 2005

Within the framework of the annual Public Symposium hosted by the WTO (from 20-22 April 2005), AITIC is organising two workshops. One on The Small and Vulnerable Economies in the WTO and the Doha Work Programme in cooperation with the Asociación Boliviana para la Economía Política de la Globalización on 21 April 2005 (9.00 Room A, Centre William Rappard).

The second, co-organised with the UNECE, is on Trade Facilitationas a Tool for Development on the same day (15.00 Room E, Centre William Rappard). The workshops will be attended by government representatives, international organisation officials and representatives of NGOs.

Trade Today

Bringing things up to date, there are many aspects to today's trading laws, procedures and working practices that are of interest to researchers and businesses alike. Bringing more information to the site is a target to be fulfilled as an on-going project including information on making money online the honest way ( as opposed to trying to cut corners or do anything underhand that might harm others in any way.

The main focus for the time being will be on internal trade based in the US on a state-by state basis to keep each region separated and distinct for easier lookup when needed. We will be taking aspects of freight forwarders (, shippers and transportation on board covering overland road and rail transport, river and canal cargo movement, as well as air freight and overseas shipping.

Covering central freight distribution as well as smaller local airports such as the Florida located for example and expanding on the purpose and business impact such entities play in the overall big picture. Further information will be found in separate documents published here and listed below for your convenience.


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